What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

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   I have been a specialist in German metabolic medicine for many years.  The term “metabolic medicine” refers to a special branch of internal medicine which deals with the optimal function and balance of your internal systems and organs, making sure everything is working to its best standards and capacity.

   Sometimes, in the stress of our lives, our bodies are exposed to things which will decrease our health, damage our internal protection system -- the immune system -- and promote a compromised health, a damaged health, an unstable health, and we suffer.

   American common medicine -- called “allopathic medicine,” is based on controlling or suppressing your symptoms with Rx prescription drugs and when those fail, surgery.

   Their thinking is that suppressing symptoms equals health.  IT DOES NOT.  Their thinking is that if the drugs fail, then removing the damaged organ(s) will result in health -- IT WILL NOT.  As we are reminded in Scripture, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” in the image of Holy God,  and God makes no mistakes when He designs us.

   Although His work and His plan is perfect, living in the physical world, a world often ruled by chaos, disorganization, and stress, our bodies and our health can break down, become damaged, illness and disease result and we suffer.

   What German metabolic medicine knows, which is far different from the common practice of health care in the United States, is that you have the natural, intrinsic, inborne ability to heal, to repair, restore, regenerate and rebuild your health using safer, more effective, natural medicines which have no damaging side effects like Rx prescription drugs.

   Please do not misunderstand: your medical providers are there to help you, they are sincere, but in my opinion, not as well trained and educated in restoring health as they should be.  In contrast, German metabolic doctors are far better and far more thoroughly trained in these crucial aspects of health and healing, and know how to understand your health better and know how to help you restore optimal health using safer, more effective methods -- the German model of health and healing.

   Now specifically to Lyme Disease.  I am, to my knowledge, the only doctor in Wisconsin who has both an M.D. and an N.D. degree (Doctor of Medicine, MD, and Naturopathic Physician, ND), and whose training is from a German university, with special emphasis on natural and alternative medicines.  I served on the Board of Medical Advisors for the Wisconsin Lyme Network, and am the only doctor who does not use or believe in the common methods of treating Lyme disease with Rx prescription anti-biotics.

   Why is this?  Because I believe that is totally the wrong way to treat this, it makes people worse, not better.  Antibiotics are not very effective against the causative agents involved in Lyme disease, so they are not what we would term “target specific,” as our natural medicines are.

   “Target specific” means just that -- you hit the target to get to and to resolve the heart of what caused the health problem -- in this case, Lyme Disease.  But that’s not the worst of it.  Using Rx prescription antibiotics can damage the very system inside you which God created to protect you from harm -- your immune system -- and worse still, they damage your DNA and predispose you to many forms of cancer.  Further, all antibiotics damage our digestive system causing a medical problem called “Dysbiosis,” as well as a syndrome called “LGS” -- Leaky Gut Syndrome, which creates a full body internal (systemic) fungal infection called Candida albicans.

   There is persuasive, compelling research evidence that one of the primary causes of all cancers is candida fungal infections caused by poor diet, stress and anti-biotics.  Instead of these damaging, ill-logical treatment methods, we use the German natural protocols for all health problems we see and treat, including Lyme Disease.

   There are simpler, safer, more effective natural methods of treating all health problems -- all -- including Lyme Disease, using the natural medicines like herbal and nutritional medicines, homeopathic medicines, enzyme therapies and detoxification to strengthen and heal the immune system, not further damage it with Rx prescription drugs.

   If antibiotics were safe and effective there would be no cases of chronic Lyme Disease, and everyone receiving antibiotic therapy would recover and be the picture of health.  The sad truth is just the opposite -- antibiotics are wrong, they make people worse, not better, and create diseases like LGS/Dysbiosis and systemic candida fungal infections they did not have before using these toxic, damaging antibiotics.

   So what’s the answer?  Simple -- find an experienced practitioner with years of training and more years of daily clinical practice in metabolic health problems, preferably with German training because that is so superior to other methods of training, and work with him or her to understand your health better than you ever have before and to restore it to excellence once more using safer, more natural, more effective natural methods.  The simple truth is that at most (research from the U.K. and many other countries has proven this) Rx prescription drugs only work about 8% of the time as they are claimed to work, meaning that more than 90% of all drugs do not work as they claim, but 100% of those drugs are made up in industrial laboratories using highly toxic industrial chemicals which are synthetic, not natural, and those are damaging to your body.

   In contrast, natural medicines are safer, far more effective, will not harm or damage you and they simply work better.  It’s not about controlling or suppressing symptoms, that has nothing to do with healing.  Rather it’s about restoration of internal health using safe, effective natural medicines to work with -- not against -- your body to cause it to heal, repair, regenerate and return to optimal health once more.
   Is healing possible? Yes.  It takes time for problems to occur, it takes time to reverse them, but healing is possible and the sooner you start on the road to healing, the sooner your life and health will return to you.

   We work with patients with many different health problems ranging from high blood pressure to arthritis, depression, hormonal issues, weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more.  Whatever your health problem and whatever your age, our methods have been proven safer and more effective for decades.  Both children and adults respond well to our natural methods, which are even safe and effective for women who are pregnant or nursing.  Common Rx drug therapies cannot make that same claim because they are dangerous for everyone, especially women who are pregnant or nursing -- but natural medicines are used with great success in such cases.

   Please understand this: doctors can no more control your health than you can.  Everyone is as unique as their fingerprints and DNA, no one can promise you a cure nor even that you will respond favorably -- but knowing how your internal systems are designed by God to work, and working with them, rather than against them using natural methods and natural medicines can often make all the difference between hopelessness and suffering, and restoration of hope and real healing.

   If you suffer ill health from any causes, including Lyme Disease, visit our website to learn more about us, and give us a call for a consultation.  Your fist visit would be about an hour and a half in length, with a very thorough discussion of your health and our three initial testing procedures.  We have our own in-house laboratory and your lab results are immediately available for analysis, unlike common medicine where it can take between 1-2 weeks for the lab report to come back.

   Once the consultation and the testing are done and we have a very clear, accurate picture of what your health issues and your needs are, we then design a very personal, target-specific plan to help you address and resolve those issues and internal imbalances with the goal of stimulating your body to heal, to repair, to regenerate, so you return to excellent health once more because you used natural, safer, more effective methods.

   Please call our office for an appointment.  You will be more than pleased to learn what these German internal metabolic methods can offer to you and your family for optimal health.  We look forward to speaking with and working with you, we believe you will be very pleased to learn about and personally experience healing using natural methods.

 James R. Bowman, MD, ND, DNHC, DCP, FAAIM, DiHom
   Naturopathic European Medicine Centre, LLC
   Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481  •  Tel:  715.341.4949


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