What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

   I have been a specialist in German metabolic medicine for many years.  The term “metabolic medicine” refers to a special branch of internal medicine which deals with the optimal function and balance of your internal systems and organs, making sure everything is working to its best standards and capacity.

   Sometimes, in the stress of our lives, our bodies are exposed to things which will decrease our health, damage our internal protection system -- the immune system -- and promote a compromised health, a damaged health, an unstable health, and we suffer.

   American common medicine -- called “allopathic medicine,” is based on controlling or suppressing your symptoms with Rx prescription drugs and when those fail, surgery.

   Their thinking is that suppressing symptoms equals health.  IT DOES NOT.  Their thinking is that if the drugs fail, then removing the damaged organ(s) will result in health -- IT WILL NOT.  As we are reminded in Scripture, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” in the image of Holy God,  and God makes no mistakes when He designs us.

   Although His work and His plan is perfect, living in the physical world, a world often ruled by chaos, disorganization, and stress, our bodies and our health can break down, become damaged, illness and disease result and we suffer.

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