The Delusional Style In American Politics

   A LOT OF INTERESTING QUIRKS in the American political psyche were highlighted during the last year and a half of presidential campaigning. The one most interesting to me is the widely-held notion that it’s possible to have a big, rich and activist state which, despite these attributes, nonetheless humbly respects and protects individual rights and subordinates itself to the rule of law.

   Accompanying this peculiar notion of a humble and respectful superstate is another silly idea -- that Americans can persistently send large amounts of money to Washington and their local statehouse and yet simultaneously be rescued from having to do so by people from Washington and their local statehouses. Both of these crazy ideas are expressions of the Delusional Style of American Politics.

   The recent “repeal Obamacare” debacle should prove to all that no remedy for Leviathan will be found in the political process. Even just this one recent statist offense -- a takeover of the healthcare market not fully in place until only two years ago and which is widely despised and considered a harmful wreck by Democrat and Republican voters alike -- is so invulnerable to a political remedy that a “reform” was the best the political process could muster, and even that half-hearted effort failed.

   I BELIEVE DELUSIONAL EXPECTATIONS of a humble Leviathan and saintly office-holders a ...

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