Warning a Stiff-Necked People

   I have always had a deep respect for my elders, those older and wiser than me, who have lived longer, learned more and possess a wealth of knowledge, earned through the years of life they have experienced that I have not.  In social settings I naturally gravitate toward those who are older than me.   Sadly, so many flippantly dismiss the older generation as “irrelevant.”  But for me, it’s just the opposite.  The stories they have to tell are fascinating to me, and the accumulated wisdom that comes with their advanced years is, to me,  priceless and precious.

   So it really is no surprise that one of my favorite books of the Bible is Deuteronomy.  This is the last book of Scripture that was penned by Moses, containing the last, most important and precious wisdom he needed to impart to his people before he died and they moved forward, without him, into the Promised Land.  Moses was aware that his days were numbered.  And so it stands to reason that he placed the most important wisdom of all his years into this one volume, and it remains just as important and precious for us today, if only we would read it.  Sadly, today,  it seems to be one of the least studied books of the Bible in our modern American churches.

   While Moses was speaking and writing to the wandering Israelites, right before his impending death, and right before they were to go ac ...

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