The Defiance of a Just Judge in Kentucky

   The federal judiciary has been imposing homosex upon America with all its tenets of filth for two decades now.  Finally, a little ole’ judge in Kentucky has pushed back and said  “NO!” 

   When the governments of men declare “legal” what God has declared “criminal,” the result has consequences in numerous ways in the lives of men -- and children.  Such is the case with homosexual sex.

   On May 1, a county judge from southern Kentucky, W. Mitchell Nance, announced that he would not hear cases where homosexuals want to adopt children.  He says he cannot do so as it is “a matter of conscience.”

   The U. S. Supreme Court can say something as lame and ridiculous -- not to mention perverse and egregious -- as “two men or two women can marry,” and all of America bows down and submits.  But this judge declares he will not participate in their charade and everyone points and says,  “he can’t do that.”

   He CAN do it.  He HAS done it.  And he ought to have done it.  And so should every magistrate in America who has any love or honor for God.

   Western Civilization was built upon the premise that when the governments of men make a law which is contrary to God’s law, it is no law at all.

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