'Transgenderism' - Worth the Fight?

   The transgender issue is not going away anytime soon. Those who think somehow that will happen are sadly mistaken and could be tragically effected.  Ignoring this issue will only make it worse. But is trying to stop it worth the fight?

   Aggressive, well-funded and well-organized activists are bent on making this the next civil rights issue in our country. They have local grassroots advocates, along with media, educational and legal support.  Add to all this, a passion for their mission and you have a formidable and dangerous combination.

   Vulnerable children are at risk when schools implement policies allowing boys who claim to be girls in the girls’ restrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms and vice versa. Women who have been the victim of abuse are very much at risk of being re-traumatized by such policies in public places.  But that doesn’t seem to stop those who care not at all for the privacy rights and the well-being of the vast majority of people.

   In addition to the harm done to individuals, these policies frequently set up a direct conflict with constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.  “Gender identity” and “gender expression” were most assuredly not protected classes of people when the Constitution was written. But the founders did understand how important religious freedom was and made sure this “first ...

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