Are You Prepared to Protect Yourself and Others?

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
       In this country, God provided us with the legal authority and wisdom to be a hard target.  Our schools, and all public and private gathering areas have the choice to be either a soft target or a hard target.  Soft targets invite evil, and in effect, lay down for Satan (any, and all forms of evil).  Did God lay down for Lucifer?  Some of the tools at our discretion are:  metal detectors, weapons, armed security guards and qualified armed people.   (See Luke 11:21-22).

   There are evil people in every town and countryside in this country.  Years ago, in our small town, we not only left our cars unlocked, but even our homes.  Sadly, no one is safe in this era of perilous times.    So as an individual or group, what are you doing to protect yourself and others?  As a religious group, isn’t one of the duties of the shepherd to protect the flock?

   In this country, God gave us the right and tools to defend ourselves and others from false religious groups seeking world dominion by recruiting and commanding their folloowers to kill all infidels.  An “infidel” is anyone who is not a jihadist.  A jihadist’s goal is to cause as much chaos and death as possible.  This, in their belief, will satisfy their “Mahdi” and, according to their beliefs, he will rise from the well that he lives in and kill all remaining non-jihadists (infidels).

   They are not the only threat.  Some people merely seek revenge and life is meaningless to them.  Others are on ethyl alcohol or mind-altering drugs, either by choice or by prescription.

   So by not taking advantage of God’s provisions, aren’t you testing Him in the wrong way?  Sure, in some cases, He intervenes and protects some people and groups.  But shouldn’t you use due diligence and the wisdom He granted you?

   How will you know when a roaring lion has targeted you or your group?  Do you think it wise to be prepared?

   Cameras are great for after the fact, and calling 911 can help -- if they make it on time!   So has your group devised any self-defense plans or escape routes?  Can your group be held liable if it doesn’t use due dilligence?

-Dave Stone,
Hurley, Wisconsin

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