Causes vs. Symptoms = Healing vs. Chronic Illness and Death

   Life’s interesting, isn’t it, in it’s unexpected twists and turns, things happening seemingly out of the blue, with no warning, no premonition, completely unexpectedly, it makes it hard, if not almost impossible to manage, to keep one’s sense of balance, proportion and direction.

   That’s one of the main reasons why my faith is intrinsic, not only to my life, but to my work, my professional life as a career health care provider.  How could one possibly hope to live a life worth living without being anchored to the Source of Life, Jesus Christ? 

   There are so many lost souls I meet each week, often in my office, but sometimes away from the office.  They are everywhere you look and it just reinforces my commitment and my passion to lend a helping hand and a prayer whenever I have the opportunity.

   Oddly enough, this time it’s about myself, and not a particular patient.  I was the patient and my experience in American allopathic medical care, although it is recent, could have happened decades ago, many decades, and still have come out the same as it just did.

   I’ll make it simple because the point I’m driving at is simple, the details don’t matter that much this time.  I had an injury, a very strange one.  I was taking broken down boxes from our UPS delivery of natural medicines ...

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