Bedwetting Affects the Entire Family

   The problem of Primary Nocturnal Enuresis (PNE), commonly referred to as “Bedwetting,” has been around for centuries. This problem affects children, adults, male and female of all nationalities. Over the years, people have tried many things to get the bedwetting to stop. 

   Often the bedwetter would be punished or have some privileges taken away.  People would restrict the bedwetter’s liquid intake, get them up during the night and take them to the bathroom, and even make them wear a diaper. Others even went to the extent of putting them on medication and alarm systems. 

   Of course, none of these things usually corrected the problem. WHY?  

   Because bedwetting is not the problem.  Bedwetting is only a symptom caused by a person not going through the sleep cycles properly.

   In 1951, a gentleman by the name of Robert Sterns developed a program to correct the problem of bedwetting which was called Nite Dry International, a division of Pacific Research International. The program addressed the root of bedwetting, which is an improper deep sleep.  The correction process utilized an alarm along with an educational motivational training concept, and thus, the bedwetter could learn to sleep better or more normally. Mr. Sterns owned and operated the company until 1968. At that time, he sol ...

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