Bedwetting Affects the Entire Family

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   The problem of Primary Nocturnal Enuresis (PNE), commonly referred to as “Bedwetting,” has been around for centuries. This problem affects children, adults, male and female of all nationalities. Over the years, people have tried many things to get the bedwetting to stop. 

   Often the bedwetter would be punished or have some privileges taken away.  People would restrict the bedwetter’s liquid intake, get them up during the night and take them to the bathroom, and even make them wear a diaper. Others even went to the extent of putting them on medication and alarm systems. 

   Of course, none of these things usually corrected the problem. WHY?  

   Because bedwetting is not the problem.  Bedwetting is only a symptom caused by a person not going through the sleep cycles properly.

   In 1951, a gentleman by the name of Robert Sterns developed a program to correct the problem of bedwetting which was called Nite Dry International, a division of Pacific Research International. The program addressed the root of bedwetting, which is an improper deep sleep.  The correction process utilized an alarm along with an educational motivational training concept, and thus, the bedwetter could learn to sleep better or more normally. Mr. Sterns owned and operated the company until 1968. At that time, he sold the company to the Order of St. Paul.  It was later purchased by Robert Bernstein and Barry Paul.

   In 1976 Mr., Eugene Draper purchased the company and several improvements were made in its operational procedures, one of which was to use personal and individualized letters to clients who were on the program.

   Over the years this process has been written about in various medical journals, and has been prescribed by doctors everywhere. To help doctors and their staff understand the program more thoroughly, we have gone to clinics and hospitals and presented the program’s format. 

   While communicating with the medical professionals, we could answer their questions and concerns.  In doing this, we cleared up any misconceptions of what we do and how we do it.  We helped them realize the bedwetting was only one of the symptoms associated with this type of sleep.

   Having received many letters from families after correction has been achieved, has helped us effectively inform the medical professionals how our process helped the bedwetter overcome other symp-toms as well. Some other symptoms associated with this Deep Sleep include ADD/ADHD, bruxism, sleep walking, snoring and sleep apnea, just to name a few. 

   Today, Dry Point Solutions, under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Mike Smelser, continues with pride, the great 65-year legacy of correcting Primary Nocturnal Enuresis for children and adults everywhere.  He has instituted more advanced behavioral modification procedures and once established, have resulted in a superior correction process.

   Our mission is to help anyone, child or adult, that has the problem of bedwetting, overcome it through a proper correction.  This helps establish a freedom while enhancing their self-confidence and providing an overall much better outlook on life!

   In most cases, people do not realize, bedwetting is caused by not going through the stages of sleep properly.  Our program of correction is based on teaching a person to sleep better or more normally.  The correction process will usually take about 4 to 6 months, whether it be a child or adult.

   We don’t claim to be able to help everyone with this problem.  We look at each case individually.  We talk with the family and gather all the facts to determine whether we can help or not.  If we can help, we give a detailed explanation of what we do to properly correct this problem, and we will guarantee to correct the problem.  

If you have any questions, give us a call at 844-234-4050.  We are here to help you!

   "Like many families, we tried many things to help our son get over his bedwetting problem. We did the restricting liquids, getting him up, herbs, and even the alarm thing. Everything seemed to help somewhat, he might have a dry night or two, but the wetting continued. We wanted to find something which would end the bedwetting problem for good.  

   "We found an advertisement for Dry Point Solutions about bedwetting and called them.  A real person answered, and that impressed us right away. After talking for a few minutes, we set up an appointment for one of their Field Consultants to come out and see if they could help our son get this problem resolved.  

   "The appointment with the Field Consultant helped us understand why our son was wetting and how Dry Point Solutions could help us get the problem resolved. We understood we had to be committed to work with the Dry Point Solutions program, to get a proper correction for our son. 

   "Our son was very excited not to wear Pull-ups anymore and was finally going to be dry for good.  He especially liked receiving his special letters from his Case Director, in the mail addressed to him.  

   "Within 6-months, our 10 year old son, was dry, happier, and more confident than ever. 

   We want to express our gratitude to Dry Point Solutions and our Case Director for helping us resolve this problem.  We feel it was the greatest thing we could have ever done for our son and highly recommend the Dry Point Solutions program to anyone who has the bedwetting problem…." -Daniel S.

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