Parenting Season

   Parenting is such an all encompassing, demanding, enduring, rewarding, and certainly Biblically guided role. As we enter May and June we start looking towards some significant days on the calendar for parents -- what I am calling “Parenting Season.” Mother’s Day is May 14th, Father’s Day is June 18th, and in-between those two honorary days is the annual graduation season. Let us briefly take a look at each of these three events using both an earthly and Biblical application.

Mother’s Day:
   Mothers are the ones who physically give birth to us. When Adam and Eve first brought sin into our earthly human existence, one of the consequences of that action was that God made child birthing a more painful process for women.

   “To the woman He said, ‘I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children.’” (Genesis 3:16).

   At a minimum, each of us who is blessed with life here on earth should be grateful to our mothers for their physical acts of carrying us in utero, and birthing us.

   Beyond the act of giving birth, what does it mean to be a mother? I suppose that if you asked 1,000 mothers this question you would receive 1,000 different answers, as would also be the case if you asked 1,000 children to describe their mother -- again you would ...

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