Trophy Husband

   Every year for Christmas I make my husband a funny t-shirt. A favorite of his is the one that says ‘Trophy Husband’ on it. Troy is a hard worker and wonderful provider for our family, enabling me to stay at home with the kids, so it made us both chuckle quite a bit. But he truly is a treasure in many ways. At the top of my gratitude list would be his spiritual leadership of our family, but he also is quite handsome. This is not all a result of good genes. He goes to the gym on a regular basis to maintain his ‘trophy husband’ physique.

   Troy has been frequenting this gym faithfully for almost 5 years now -- same day, same time, same routine. Faithfulness and discipline are two more of his strong character traits. There are several other men who go there on the same days and times. As Troy has faithfully, quietly read his Bible in the mornings while he rides his exercise bike, he has made an impact on them. Two of them come up to him now and ask for the “verse of the day.”  Usually this extends into a longer spiritual conversation. All this takes place while the men are lifting weights and riding bikes -- physical exercise and spiritual exercise living side by side -- a symbiotic relationship where both are beneficial to the other in this example.

   1 Timothy 4:8 (English Standard Version) “While bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every wa ...

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