God doesn’t say that we aren’t to have and enjoy material goods.  But He does make it clear that we are to be stewards of all that we possess in this life.  A steward is a manager; a “trustee” of the property that actually belongs to another.  Paul reminds us in I Timothy 6:17 that it is God who abundantly gives all things. The Christian, therefore, is to think and to live in a way that acknowledges God as the true owner of all that He brings into our life, and that He has a purpose for those possessions beyond our earthly provision and enjoyment.  

   All Christians have been entrusted with time, talents, treasure, temples (our bodies), our testimony, and much more. God has promised eternal blessings to those who wisely, faithfully, and fruitfully invest what He entrusts to them.  However, there is an enemy of our faithful stewardship. It is the enemy within -- the flesh, our old fallen nature.

   Paul warns of this “old man” when he describes the inordinate desire for material goods as “the will to be rich” (I Timothy 6:9).   But, actually, the truth is: money itself is not the real problem. Money is actually neutral. Instead, it is the love of money, our tendency to crave and to trust in uncertain riches, which is the problem.

   Let’s be clear -- this problem of man “loving” riches is not un ...

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