The Last Man Standing

   As I was driving down the highway the other day, I noticed the car in front of me -- a Toyota Prius -- one of those electric hybrid cars that environmentalists love to be seen in, as it shows how concerned they are about saving the planet.

   What first caught my attention was that this vehicle was literally PLASTERED with bumper stickers, each one touting another liberal slogan, including “Coexist.”  There were two “Obamas,” one “Bernie.”  One read, “No God, No Hate.”  One featured a picture of the Earth and read, “Love your Mother.”  “One stated: “Pro-Women, Pro-Choice.” There was also, of course, a rainbow-colored one with an “equal” sign that read, “Love Wins.”  And one that I had to wait to read until we stopped at the next intersection.  This one said, “Republican Party: where Racists, Homophobes and Hate finds a home.”  There was one sticker that simply said, “Free Thinking Humanist.”  And several others that were too filthy and vulgar to repeat.  Clearly, this driver was fully indoctrinated into the liberal, secular humanist mindset.... and clearly much more highly educated, rational and intelligent than the rest of us.  In the presence of such intellect and reason, I felt like a Neanderthal.

   But imagine my surprise, then, when th ...

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