Don't Be Too Late

   Do you understand there are people who are seriously determined to have your daughter, granddaughter, and the other girls in your community share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with boys if they attend a public school?

   Some residents finally understood this, too late, when they attended the Neenah Joint School District meeting on May 16 to discuss a policy addendum about “nondiscrimination guidelines related to students who are transgender and students nonconforming to gender role stereotypes.”

   There is so much wrong with that addendum that I can’t write to it here, but will in a later column. For now, readers need to understand something about that meeting, because what happened in Neenah will be repeated in your community soon.

   School counselors, faculty, and some school board members will decide there is nothing wrong with a so-called “gender-nonconforming” student (a boy who would rather be a girl or thinks he is) so your school must do something to accommodate the “special needs” of that student.

   There will not be a meeting to discuss whether accommodations should be made; there will be a meeting to discuss how accommodations should be made. If a public meeting is held, a group like Wisconsin Family Association or a group of parents may attend to voice concerns about potential violat ...

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