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   Do you understand there are people who are seriously determined to have your daughter, granddaughter, and the other girls in your community share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with boys if they attend a public school?

   Some residents finally understood this, too late, when they attended the Neenah Joint School District meeting on May 16 to discuss a policy addendum about “nondiscrimination guidelines related to students who are transgender and students nonconforming to gender role stereotypes.”

   There is so much wrong with that addendum that I can’t write to it here, but will in a later column. For now, readers need to understand something about that meeting, because what happened in Neenah will be repeated in your community soon.

   School counselors, faculty, and some school board members will decide there is nothing wrong with a so-called “gender-nonconforming” student (a boy who would rather be a girl or thinks he is) so your school must do something to accommodate the “special needs” of that student.

   There will not be a meeting to discuss whether accommodations should be made; there will be a meeting to discuss how accommodations should be made. If a public meeting is held, a group like Wisconsin Family Association or a group of parents may attend to voice concerns about potential violations of the “privacy rights” of other students.

   There should be no such meeting because no one should make the wrong decision to make accommodations in the first place.

   There is something wrong with a five-year-old boy who would rather be a girl or thinks he is. I can’t believe I have to say that, but I do because there are increasing numbers of people involved in public education who don’t understand that.

   Such a boy should not be encouraged to become a girl. He should not be given dresses to wear with pretty shoes, hormone injections, or have his body surgically altered. I can’t believe I have to say that, but again I do.

   Such a boy will likely decide he is not a girl by the time he is seven, particularly if he doesn’t have crazy parents who encourage him to become a girl; and if he doesn’t go to a public school where his “special needs” are accommodated by “progressive” educators.

   Such a boy should not be told there is nothing wrong with him. He can, in fact, be told there is something wrong with him or with what he is thinking. If we are supposed to seriously think a five-year-old boy can decide that he and his parents were wrong about his gender, he will not be irreparably harmed by a counselor’s suggestion that he is wrong in thinking “he” is “she.”

   More importantly, the other 99 percent of students in his school should not be told that everyone must accommodate his “special needs” because there is nothing wrong with “her.”

   If a “gender-nonconforming student” has special privacy needs, then he should be homeschooled or enrolled in a school for gender-nonconforming students, rather than enrolled in a public school. This is not discrimination, segregation, or a separation of people “because they are different.” The student separated himself when he declared he was gender nonconforming and began to dress as a girl; or his crazy parents separated him when they encouraged him to dress as a girl.

   When schools set new policies for everyone to accommodate gender-nonconforming students, they do more to influence other students to reconsider their gender, to normalize gender nonconformity, and to validate this latest utterly asinine civil rights movement than they will ever do to make nonconforming students happy.

   The accommodations will never end, and these students will never be happy. They are followed by students who declare they don’t conform to the species they are born into; asserting they are not human, but are really dogs, cats, dolphins, or whatever else they fancy.

   But again, the decision to accommodate will be made before you hear about a public meeting.  You are expected to go along with the decision to accommodate.

Moreover, you are expected to continue to pay for “progressive” educators in your community to teach your daughter, granddaughter, and the other girls in your community to share bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with boys if they attend a public school.

   Tell your school board members and staff NOW that these things are not happening in your local school.  Do it before they invite you to a meeting like the one in Neenah.

Terry A. Larson is the Communications Director  for  the  Constitution Party of Wisconsin.  Email him at:

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