'Here's to You, Dad!'

   I remember going into their bedrooms in the evening and just staring at them innocently sleeping in their beds. Thoughts of many things drifted through my mind: how fortunate I was to be the father of three young children:  love; hope for the future; good times.  But in the depths of my memory, an experience of later years still lingers.

   It was the evening of Father’s Day and I recall resting my head on the pillow and sighing out loud, “It’s now up to you, Lord.”  As a divorced dad with three teenage children to raise by myself, I had done everything I could for that day.  I had prayed for God’s guidance, and talked, laughed, and played with our kids.  It was shortly after the end of the Vietnam War, the hippie movement was in full swing and drugs were everywhere. There were times of loneliness and hurt.  Men hurt too, but I got through it. For most of us, life is a museum of memories.
   This letter is about fathers and a culture that is being destroyed from within.

   Because our society no longer understands or appreciates the importance of a father, fatherhood has become a vanishing art form. If you recently arrived on earth from another planet, you probably haven’t heard the term “father” used to any great degree.  You see, television has successfully eliminated fathers from the American scene.  What we ...

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