Staying Healthy in Out Toxic World

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
       It is very sad for me as I watch friends struggling with issues, not feeling quite right, and hooked on many of the prescription drugs, seemingly forever.

   As I read a recent report that stated, “more than 80,000 chemicals used in various industries nationwide, and over 2,000 new ones are being introduced annually,” it literally made me ill.

   Some years back, someone didn’t know what to do with a toxin left from phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries.  So they came up with a story, calling it “Fluoride” and sold it as a cavity preventer.  It lasted awhile, but the Dental Association stopped it’s use over 15 years ago.  Yet, it is still in toothepaste and drinking water.  Why?

   Also, what about all the chemicals in cleaning products, textiles, lawn care products, and my least favorite: Glyphosate, which is killing bees and butterflies and making people sick?  The U. N. calsses it as a “probably carcinogen.”  Many European countries have banned it.  Will we ever?

   Then, there’s “Geo-Engineering.”  The evidence is growing about genetically-modified foods (GMOs), including animals and fish.  Will it ever end?  I’ve done reports on this before (

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