Coming this August: The Athanatos Festival and ‘Passion Experience’

   Athanatos Christian Ministries is hosting its second annual festival August 3-5, in Greenwood, Wisconsin.  The festival will feature live music, presentations by scholars and authors, and a dramatic re-enactment of the trial and death of Jesus, called “The Passion Experience.”

   Featured scholars include Dr. Richard Weikart, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, an organization known for its work demonstrating that the universe and much within it is the product of an intelligent Designer.  Also featured is Dr. Wayne Rossiter, a former atheist and evolutionary biologist who is now a Christian.  Both men are experts on the various ethical problems with Darwinian evolution, past and present.

   Returning this year is an Egyptian author who will providing an update on Christian persecution in the Middle East, and Egypt in particular.  Also attending is an Iraqi Christian author who escaped Iraq with his life.

   Music is provided by MPK Christian Celtic Band, classical guitarist Alyssa Catlin,  and musicians like Alma, Emily Roig, and others.

   Athanatos Ministries is also a publishing house.  Many of its authors will be in attendance, including Dr. Bernard Bull, the author of Missional Moonshots and Joseph Courtemanche, the author of Assault on Saint Agnes.


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