Here’s What Happened When I Ate Wheat... I Began to Die

   These days it’s now pretty common for the subject of wheat and gluten sensitivity issues to be found in magazines, in newspapers, on television, radio and the internet.  It seems, after decades of denial, that it is now the big buzz in smart circles.  I say “WELL DESERVED!  IT’S HIGH TIME IT GOT THE RECOGNITION IT HAS DESERVED FOR SO VERY LONG!”

   I have been blessed in many ways in my life, including my health.  I have had relatively few injuries and illnesses and when those were active health issues for me, I recovered well from them.  Seems I have good basic, foundational genetics, but also it’s been my lifestyle that has sustained my exceptional health over the years.

   Like everyone, I age, but there’s a huge difference between aging and getting old.  We all age, it’s a fact of living in a physical body in the physical world, a fallen, compromised world not quite as the Creator originally designed it to be.  We humans have changed that paradigm starting back in the Garden and to this day, we still experience the consequences of that fateful moment when Paradise was forever changed.

   I love science, I fell in love with it as a very young child with my first microscope and my first chemistry set.  I could get lost in little experiments for hours and hours and still never get enough.  Every new thi ...

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