Here’s What Happened When I Ate Wheat... I Began to Die

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   These days it’s now pretty common for the subject of wheat and gluten sensitivity issues to be found in magazines, in newspapers, on television, radio and the internet.  It seems, after decades of denial, that it is now the big buzz in smart circles.  I say “WELL DESERVED!  IT’S HIGH TIME IT GOT THE RECOGNITION IT HAS DESERVED FOR SO VERY LONG!”

   I have been blessed in many ways in my life, including my health.  I have had relatively few injuries and illnesses and when those were active health issues for me, I recovered well from them.  Seems I have good basic, foundational genetics, but also it’s been my lifestyle that has sustained my exceptional health over the years.

   Like everyone, I age, but there’s a huge difference between aging and getting old.  We all age, it’s a fact of living in a physical body in the physical world, a fallen, compromised world not quite as the Creator originally designed it to be.  We humans have changed that paradigm starting back in the Garden and to this day, we still experience the consequences of that fateful moment when Paradise was forever changed.

   I love science, I fell in love with it as a very young child with my first microscope and my first chemistry set.  I could get lost in little experiments for hours and hours and still never get enough.  Every new thing I learned made me more and more excited and want to learn still more.

   As a young adult, in medical college in Germany, it was even more a passion and driving force in my life.  It became an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles behind creation, genetics, immunity, homeostasis -- the miracle of healing, the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

   I wrote on my heart the Hippocratic Oath that physicians should first do no harm in the medical work, and to this day I hold the same values and cannot understand how a person with medical training could perform an abortion.   I’m writing this from the outside, of course, I am not a woman, I have never been pregnant and I cannot imagine the fear and anxiety of an unwanted pregnancy, but I must say I agree with others like Mother Teresa -- don’t kill the baby, love it enough to let it live through adoption.

   So what does all this have to do with me and wheat?  More than might at first become apparent.  My life is pretty routine.  I eat carefully, organic and NON-GMO almost exclusively, as much as possible, perhaps 80% of the time or better.

   I take no drugs, but I do use good quality nutritional supports and homeopathic medicines as needed.  I exercise often, I pray, I enjoy my work in healing others, I celebrate life because it is a gift which is sacred to me.  I have stress like everyone, a lot sometimes, actually and sometimes I struggle to manage it.  I do reach out to close friends for help and encouragement when I need to... it helps as well.

   Recently because I’ve been super clean and careful on my diet, I experimented a little.  Being honest, I guess I’m using the word “experimented,” to soften the truth.  I cheated on my diet.  I hadn’t for a very long time, but I was tempted, I was stressed and I did it.  Holy cow, what a mistake!

   My downfall has always been baked goods: cookies, pie, cake, muffins, HARD to resist, and this time it was a really scrumptious apple strudel -- ah, to die for, incredibly delicious -- for about 30 minutes, and then….

   It was, of course wheat/gluten-based and that’s why it tasted so fabulous and was simultaneously SO toxic.

   These are the major symptoms I experienced.   Understand this: my taste buds went totally crazy with this, it had been so long this was a huge shock to my system, and -- forgive me -- because this stuff tasted so incredibly good, I over did it, I binged for nearly a week, at least a solid five days on breads, muffins, a few cookies, some donuts, everything.  And the more I said to myself “STOP! This is wrong!” the more I craved it, it was like a powerful addictive drug.

   Indeed, studies have proven that for human beings, certain foods act just like drugs -- cocaine, meth, heroin -- they activate the same neuro-sensory centers in the brain and have incredible addictive properties and this is why when you try to give them up it’s so hard, because of the ways they affect and change your internal chemistry and brain function to keep you addicted and craving more and more and more.

What were my major symptoms?
• Anger, unprovoked irritability and anger
• Short temper, easily provoked for no reason
• Sad, deeply sad
• Depression, feeling broken and isolated
• Digestive pain, bloating, insatiable hunger which was not satisfied
• Disturbed sleep, insomnia
• Swollen face
• Red eyes
• Sinus problems
• Strong allergy symptoms
• Ringing in the ears
• Elevated heart rate
• Elevated blood pressure
• Elevated heart rate
• Coated tongue
• Sore tongue
• Memory problems
• Brain fog, unclear thinking
• Abnormal fatigue

   Please bear in mind these were not all my symptoms, but they were the major scary symptoms.  I began detoxing, cleaning up my diet, but to feel some positive change took three weeks, to feel well took  twice as long.  Now put this in the context of both children and adults who have done this -- and worse -- fast foods, sodas, mega caffeine for years.  No wonder we are all so sick and crazy.

   There is very compelling, persuasive research to directly link more psychiatric, mental, and emotional problems to these sources, not to mention strictly physical health problems.  This proves that 90% or more of our health problems are from lifestyle -- what we put into our bodies each day.  Look it up on YouTube.  Watch the video “SUPERSIZE ME” where a man ate three meals a day at McDonald’s for a month and see what happened to him, the same as me but far, far worse.

   So why am I sharing this with you?  To warn you to investigate your lifestyle and your foods.  Eat pure, exercise, clean up or die -- that’s the bottom line.  It’s like that phrase from computer programmers:
GIGO -- Garbage in = garbage out.  Bad computer programming brings bad results.  Want better results?  Make better input into the system, the computer or in this case, YOU.

   Thanks for reading this, I hope it was worth your time.  If just one person’s life is made better by this information I have succeeded in my mission. 

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