Christian Life Coaching

   You may have heard about life coaching, and about the transformational results that people are experiencing when they work with a life coach.  But have you heard about Christian life coaching, and do you know what it all entails? 

   Hi, my name is Shane Hansen, and I am the Director/Manager of Shane Hansen, Christian Life Coach, LLC. 

   When I felt the Lord calling me to serve in a different capacity, to become a life coach, I wanted to be sure that I received the highest level of coach training available. As such, I wanted to find a program that was International Coach Federation (ICF) approved. Most importantly, I knew that if I was going to be taking on the awesome responsibility of serving as a life coach for people, that I absolutely needed to do so by using the most precious resource available to us (our Christian faith) so I specifically sought out training as a Christian-based life coach. Those two factors led me to the Christian Coach Institute (CCI), based in Charlotte, NC. 

   Through the CCI’s coach training program I received instruction on how to help clients approach topics using the Christian Coaching Model (image at right). Using this model, I lead clients through the phases of Awareness, Vision, Strategies/Action-Steps, and Obstacles; all while Jesus Christ remains at the heart of the c ...

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