Assembling Ourselves Together

   For those who are unaware, I have just begun a new ministry work here in my home town of Marshfield, Wisconsin, as an extension of our newspaper and radio ministries.  By God’s grace, my wife, Lisa, and I were able to purchase a downtown commercial building this past May, which now houses my newspaper office and radio recording studio.  But the MAIN purpose of this building is our new Ministry Center outreach, which will focus on education, mentoring, counseling and discipleship training — teaching courageous, unashamed men and women of God to be TRUE salt and light in this world... to get OUT OF THEIR SEATS AND OUT ON THE STREETS — with a POWERUL IMPACT in this lost, confused world.  We are encouraging remnant believers AND reaching out to preach the TRUTH to the unsaved and the lost.  So many, you see, are SICK AND TIRED of vain religion.  They are HUNGRY for the “real deal’ - the TRUTH we hope to provide through this ever-expanding ministry work.

   In the last edition of our newspaper, I told the story of how the new Ministry Center building came about, which was only by the direction and the grace of God... as always, WE did not do this, GOD did this.   We were just obedient workers, following His direction.  (That’s really all God asks of us, you know... He just wants us to follow and be obedient, diligent workers).   Many times in the midst of this latest w ...

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