Get Rid of Representative Dunno

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   I mistakenly referred to Representative Paul Ryan as Senator Ryan in a recent interview. This wasn’t a grievous error, since I think our representative behaves more like a senator anyway.

   Ryan’s disregard for the will of the people is like that of a senator, someone who runs for office every six years rather than two. Examples include his failure to consistently support President Trump’s “ban on Muslim immigration” (doing so only after he was certain it was politically safe), and the pathetic failure of the party he leads to end Obamacare. Most grownups don’t want Islamic mass-murdering savages free to enter our country at will; and most who lost their health insurance and cannot afford health care, or cannot find a doctor to see them, wish they had their insurance back.

   I was already referring to Ryan by something other than the title voters in Wisconsin mistakenly gave him again in his last election. I’m not the only one making mistakes around here.

   In March 2016, Ryan’s Janesville hometown city council passed an ordinance requiring that people be allowed to use the bathrooms of their gender preference. Ryan’s office said he had no comment on what became an issue for some of the local grownups. In April 2016, when Ryan wouldn’t comment on North Carolina’s law requiring transgenders to use the bathroom of their biological sex, I nicknamed him “Representative Dunno.”

   Apparently Representative Dunno thinks boys who believe they are girls, or more likely boys who wish they were girls, should be allowed to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with girls; or he just dunno whether they should. Wisconsin schools, infested with progressive educators, have been creating policies to allow for this already.

   Wisconsin employers have begun requiring women to share these facilities with men as well.

   Representative Dunno recently indicated he just dunno whether transgenders should be allowed in the military when he was directly asked about President Trump’s “ban on transgenders” in the military. He did say he was opposed to Pentagon spending on transgenders in the military, and that was all he would say.

   He says he doesn’t want the Pentagon spending money on this, to appease grownups who don’t think transgenders should be in the military, while not offending transgenders by saying they shouldn’t. Clever boy.

   But it’s okay for transgenders to be in the military, as another progressive social experiment, if it doesn’t cost anything for sexual reassignment surgeries? By the way, is the Pentagon spending its own money or is it spending ours? I don’t think the Pentagon has bake sales to raise its own money. Not yet anyway.

   Apparently Ryan believes transgenders should be allowed in the military, or he just dunno whether they should.

   There is no reason to think that including men who seriously believe they are women, or more likely wish they were women, improves the effectiveness of the military in any way. There is no reason to think that including a man who feels like a man on Monday and a woman on Wednesday improves unit cohesion in the military in any way.

   Such a man would be “gender-nonconforming” rather than transgender.  Gender-nonconforming people will have to be included in the military if transgenders were, just as transgenders are being included because homosexuals were.

   We’re including transgenders in the military to teach our kids there is nothing wrong with a man who believes he is a woman. We included homosexuals to teach our kids there is nothing wrong with a man who wants to have “sex” with another man.  The only reason these people are being included in the military is to make an example of them, not to improve the military in any way.

There is no reason to think that including a gender-nonconforming being who seriously believes it is one, or several, of over 100 potential genders, or isn’t even human, in the military is something we should do.

   Including transgenders and the lunatics following them in the military is more idiotic than including homosexuals was.

   What will Representative Dunno say when asked if your wife, your daughter, your granddaughter, or the other women in your church or community should be forced to share public facilities with men if they want to use them? This has been happening across the country and will continue as the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell vs Hodges decision is enforced as law.

   Ask anyone involved in this idiotic American civil rights movement for transgender and gender non-conforming people, if they are certain the men who have a Constitutional right to share the bathroom, locker room or shower with some of the girls or women in your life are no longer able to feel a sexual attraction toward them.

   They will all say, “I dunno.”

   And some of these girls and women will be raped.

   I dunno if it’s wise or safe to reelect Representative Dunno. No, actually I DO know — it’s not, and he needs to be replaced in 2018.
Terry A. Larson
Communications Director,
Constitution Party of Wisconsin

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