‘LGBTQ’ in the Military is Grave Mistake

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Wisconsin Christian News:

      The whole idea of 'LGBTQ' is unnatural and is sin according to our Creator God of the Universe.  People who reject the behaviors of the ‘LGBTQ’ community are merely responding to what is natural for normal people.   ‘LGBTQ’ behavior is perverted and nasty when one understands what they actually do with each other sexually.  “Reassignmeny” surgery is a slap in God’s face, an insult that says “He did not make me right.”

   So-called “sensitivity training” for the military — or any other industry — is brainwashing.  Why?  Because those forced to undergo the training are being forced to believe a lie, to accept as normal that which is abnormal and destructive on several levels.

   Additionally, we have a serious problem already with suicide in the armed forces.  Suicide in the LGBTQ community is alarmingly high.  Adding to the suicide rate in the military, by allowing LGBTQ individuals to serve, has a real negative consequence on readiness and the ability of the military to accomplish its mission.  

  If a “transgender” person undergoes extensive training to learn a particular skill essential to success against the enemy and he commits suicide, that important position has to be filled immediately so the mission is not compromised.  

   I don’t care what the liberal left claims about “transgenders” being viewed as acceptable in the armed forces, if a “transgender” is assigned to a nuclear sub that may be deployed under water for months at a time, there will be conflicts with one or more people on the crew.  That person will never be accepted like a normal sailor would be.  There will always be a stigma attached to it.

   LGBTQ people are mentally unstable and need psychiatric counseling to help them escape the mental and spiritual prison in which they are entrapped.   Encouraging them to remain in their condition and deceive them into believing their perversion is normal is not loving, it is cruel and hateful.

-David Pence,
Hillsboro, IL

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