What's Right / Wrong with America?

   What’s right or wrong with America?  This is a conversation that many people attempt, only to find themselves at odds and unable to arrive at any conclusions. 

   It seems imperative that some ground rules get established before such a conversation is attempted, whether it be in the private or public sector. 

   Without baseline beliefs being articulated, arguments devolve into emotional rhetoric, which leads directly to chaos and division.  You cannot reason with someone who bases their argument on a different  set of expectations.

   The foundational beliefs that determine whether one thinks something is right or wrong for America depend on whether or not the importance of a national identity and the legal standing of the base of that nation are recognized. 

   The idea of national sovereignty had been engrained for generations, so that the idea that people could think otherwise comes as quite a shock to older generations. The awareness that this basic belief in national sovereignty and value needs to be ascertained before entering into a discussion with anyone has not been understood as necessary. The naïve assumption that all who live and work in America have the same foundational belief of what is good for America is no longer viable. 

   There have been many years of seeding an agenda amon ...

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