Wisconsin Family Needs Your Help

   It was about  fifteen years ago that Wisconsin Christian News did a story about a disabled woman and her young son who were having a difficult time. Several Christians came forward and helped out in various ways and some lasting friendships were formed.  The woman’s name is Nancy Heise and her young son, Jeff, is now all grown up with a family of his own.

   Jeff fell in love with a lovely young woman and he and Meghan were married in 2010.  They both love the Lord and love children so they were thrilled and grateful when their son was born in 2013.  

   They named him Levi and all was well for about four months.  And then, Levi suddenly went into a Grand Mal seizure and was rushed to the Emergency Room.

   He stopped breathing and was turning blue, but the doctors were able to revive him.  This was the first of many doctor visits and treatments in  several clinics and  hospitals, including Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota. 

   Levi continued to worsen and  now that he is four years old, he cannot function at all like a normal kid his age and some say he never will.  He is subject to seizures at any time and needs constant attention.  After all of the clinical testing and exams by a multitude of doctors, they are still not sure what caused his problem, but they do know that there is an abnormali ...

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