Soul Mates

   There are certain words or phrases in the English language which have special meanings, but also come and go, “trendy,”  if you will.  They have their season of use and recognition but then seem to fade into the past as other, newer words and phrases come up to replace them.  And yet, there are a few from the past which linger and which still have relevance.

   For me, the term “soul mate,” is like that, but perhaps in a different way than you might think at first.  The first thought you may have to the term is someone very special, exceptionally dear and precious and meaningful to you, a personal relationship like none other you’ve ever experienced. 

   I echo that very much.  We members of God’s human family are not meant to live in isolation, we are social beings, and as part of God’s family, we need each other, we depend on each other, we relate to and help each other.  It’s how things are supposed to work, and many of the social, but also health problems, people experience are the results of it not working well, breaking down, becoming compromised and dysfunctional.

   We are meant by God to need one another as we need Him, and that’s the second part of the term “soul mate,” in my thinking.  I ask myself:  ‘Who created my soul?”  Of course the answer is, God ...

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