Hope for a World in Crisis

   Alarming conditions continue to develop across the nation and around the world.

   Our hearts are impacted by the devastation left by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.. Many have lost their lives and countless individuals have lost homes and cherished family possessions. Some have lost their businesses or source of livelihood. The many stories of heartache will continue to unfold. 

   Additionally, across the nation the flames of racial divide are being fueled by agitators, by those with political agendas, and by the media itself. A broad movement is afoot to disrupt peace and calm in our nation in exchange for fear and chaos.

   The clash of values continue to unfold as organizations and individuals which stand for biblical morality are labeled “haters,” “bigots,” and “intolerant.” “Hate maps” have been produced pinpointing the locations of many Christian ministries which take a stand for Biblical marriage or reveal the truth about Islam.  

   In countless school districts across the nation, young children are being taught “transgenderism” as being “normal.” One kindergarten teacher even had a special ceremony in her classroom for a boy who wished to identify as a girl. Children in the classroom could not wrap their brain around such a concept and were traumatized. One pediatric expert cal ...

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