‘We’d Best Get Busy and Be Ready’

   There are many times I find myself wishing I didn’t know what I know.  Many days I wish I could just be a “normal” church-going Christian living in ignorant bliss, attending church dutifully, and not cconcerning myself with the outside world, simply waiting for the “rapture” to come take us all out of here.   I could just mind my own business while the culture disintegrates around me.  

   But knowing what I know, I cannot UNknow what I know.  And I care.  I can’t help but warn those around me of the signs of the times and the impending judgment of God upon this nation and this world.  Sadly, the vast majority of church-goers don’t want to hear the warnings, much less heed them;  to say nothing at all of the lost world that lives in wild rebellion to God.

   But I DO care — not so much for myself.  But for my children and grandchildren.  What sort of world will they inherit from us when we are gone?  Will my grand daughter one day be forced to choose between wearing a Burka or having her head cut off?  Will ANY of our American heritage and history remain intact, or will it all have been pulled down, twisted and distorted into a huge pile of “newspeak” and lies  — something she will be ashamed of?

   People are choosing sides today — for eternity...  they ...

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