Time to Listen to Mom

   We’ve all heard it from our moms: “Just because someone else is doing something doesn’t make it good or right.”  And of course, the classic, “If everyone were jumping off a cliff, would you just follow them?” From time to time, legislators need to listen to mom.

   Forty-four states don’t require any waiting period before a person who is divorced can remarry. Some state legislators are using that as a main reason for introducing legislation that would eliminate Wisconsin’s six-month waiting period before remarriage after divorce.

   Predicated on the idea that Wisconsin understands the importance of marriage and its valuable contributions to our state’s present and certainly future well-being, we believe this waiting period is prudent and should not be changed.

   Even divorces without much acrimony and contention — and these are usually ones without children — take emotional and often financial and even health tolls on the individuals involved.  More complex divorces result in commensurately more stress.

   Marriage experts indicate the reason for a waiting period is to make sure the divorce is truly what the couple wants, to give them time after all the emotional and other upheavals of finalizing the divorce, to reflect on what they have done, recover a bit in all ways, work on the new re ...

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