While They Rode Camels and Had Babies, We Drove Convertibles and Had Abortions!

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The college football season is upon us and each year the Heisman Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding player in Division 1 football. I wonder if anyone has ever asked how many potential Heisman Trophy winners abortion has killed.     
Dr. Brian Clowes, Human Life International researcher, has examined the data from the 2007 Statistical Abstract of the United States, and estimated the number of people from various occupations (one third of all Americans) who have been eliminated by abortion since 1973.  The following list, places a face to the fact that we have destroyed the future of our nation.  Who have we lost to abortion? These stats would be much greater by the year in 2017 if they were brought up to date!
·       12 Heisman Trophy winners
·       2 US Presidents
  • 7 Supreme Court Justices
  • 102 US Senators and 589 Congressmen
  • 8,123 Federal, district and local court judges
  • 31 Nobel Prize laureates
  • 328 Olympic medalists including 123 Gold medalists
  • 6,092 professional athletes
  • 134,841 physicians and surgeons
  • 392,500 registered nurses
  • 70,669 priests, ministers, and rabbis
  • 1,102,443 teachers (K-12)
  • 553,821 truck drivers
  • 224,518 maids and housekeepers
  • 336,939 janitors
  • 134,028 farmers and ranchers
  • 109,984 police officers and sheriff’s deputies
  • 39,477 firefighters
  • 17,221 barbers, and
  • 24,450,000…women (the gender of roughly half of all children aborted).
  • 49,000,000 of our potential work force, a total by comparison that would be equal to destroying every individual in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. 
God had special plans for every one of these people.  Perhaps one would have been an inventor greater than Edison, an entertainer equal to Sinatra, or someone with the mind of Einstein.  Possibly that special human being would have had the intellect, charisma, and diplomacy to unite the world in peace.  He or she may have been born at exactly the right time to solve our energy problems, or develop a cure for cancer–we’ll never know.  The projected revenue generated through tax dollars from these hidden citizens would have easily paid our national debt, and gifted us with surpluses as far as the eye could see.  But most people refused to believe that God had arranged these things so perfectly.     
In 1973, the year abortion became legal in the U.S., America had more than enough young people to fill jobs that were available.  But today, as a result of 35 years of killing the future of our nation, there are an estimated 20,000,000 illegal aliens in the U.S. paying no taxes and thereby robbing our economy of a projected $400 billion per year.  These people drain our health care providers, our school systems, our law enforcement agencies, and almost every other aspect of our society.
The stock market is driven by demand and supply. Families with children demand more supply and spend more capital than any other age group. It’s because of this format that we see the smut on TV that we do today.  Food, clothing, housing, education, transportation and almost every other commodity is fashioned as a result of a household with children.  When there are fewer of these households, there is less demand for products and utilities and consequently, a negative trickledown effect begins to develop.  Businesses, factories, and schools close; people are released from jobs and taxes rise.  Young married couples with children now occupy only one in four residences, a decline of 50% since 1960.  Because single or young childless couples do not need expanded housing space, they are inclined to rent apartments rather than to buy larger homes.  The cycle is endless and even affects what we watch on television.  If 75% of American households are without children, commercials on television are then geared toward adult only residences with adult programming and commercials – thus, the sex pill ads during sporting events.
It takes a fertility rate of 2.1% children per family to maintain a culture, and as the population of a nation decreases, so does its cultural influenceNo country has ever regained prominence once its fertility rate sank below 1.7%, and it is IMPOSSIBLE when the level sinks to 1.3% or below!  Note these statistics:    
  • Europe is on her last breath.  As of 2007 the European fertility rate was 1.38%. 
  • The United Nations estimates that if current trends continue, by 2050 there will be 248 million fewer children under the age of 5 than there are today.  Some countries are paying families to have children.
  • Canada’s fertility rate is 1.5%.  Analysts estimate a 1.5 million workforce shortage by the year 2020. 
  • In “Christian” America the fertility rate is 1.6% (due to Latino immigration, it has risen to 2.15%). 
“As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.  Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” Psalm 127
The real threat is Islam . . .
On April 18th, Mashal Khan, 23; an Ahmadiyya student was lynched by an Islamic mob for “blasphemy.”  Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician has stated, “We will make sure no one misuses the blasphemy law again.” This is what life is like in an Islamic country.  If America keeps catering Muslims, the Muslim will bring Sharia to our cities.   
  • In the year 2000 there were 1209 mosques in the U.S. In 2016 the number had risen to 3186.
  • In the year 2000 there were 0 Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. In 2017 the number is still 0.  
Globally, Muslims and Muslim countries have a fertility rate of 3.1 children per women—well above replacement level. This compares with a world population growth rate of 1.1% per year. It is predicted that the world's Muslim population will grow twice as fast as non-Muslims over the next 20 years. By 2030, Muslims will make up more than a quarter of the global population. By 2040 it is estimated that there will be 50 million Muslims living in America. 
Momar Kadafi is reported to have said, “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50 million Muslims will turn it into a Muslim country within a few decades.”
It turns out that while Americans were laughing at the Islamic primitive culture, the joke was ultimately on us.  While we drove convertibles and SUVs, took birth control, planted trees, and aborted more than 60 million arrows from our quiver – the Muslims rode camels and had babies.  Their “choice” preserved their culture – America’s “choice” has killed ours! 
We must restore our Republic, and treat Islam as the world-threat to America that it is. Sin has come a long way since the Garden of Eden, and it’s clear to many now that we are beginning to reap what we have sown.  Children are our future inheritance.  A country that kills its future is doomed for disaster!
If you have not already done so, please call on Christ today to be your Savior. We are all sinners saved by grace - soldiers in the Army of God!
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