Only God Controls the Weather?

   “Only God controls the weather!”  I know this is the first reaction to any suggestion that weather is being manipulated because it was my first response, too. What I did not — at first —  realize, was that He is amazingly patient, beyond me for sure.  He allows things to move along until they are ripe. The Biblical phrase is “the fullness of time.”  It applies to good things, like Jesus arriving in the fullness of time and also not so good things like the subjection of Israel under Pharaoh’s heavy hand, when at first Egypt had been a refuge. Not to mention Noah and his family having to endure while all the thoughts of men were only of evil until it was finally the fullness of time to enter the ark.

   If you haven’t realized yet that there is something strange going on with the weather, this will all come as quite a shock.  If you have been noticing the changes, perhaps it will bring some understanding…and likely anger! It is not your imagination that the sky seems to be overcast so much of the time, nor that areas of intensive flooding and extensive drought go on and on. It is not your imagination if you have thought that the sun seems hotter than usual. Measurements show that the UV levels are extremely high, far beyond normal. I recall being quite shocked to understand that some form of weather manipulation has been going on all of my adult life.  Init ...

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