Only God Controls the Weather?

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   “Only God controls the weather!”  I know this is the first reaction to any suggestion that weather is being manipulated because it was my first response, too. What I did not — at first —  realize, was that He is amazingly patient, beyond me for sure.  He allows things to move along until they are ripe. The Biblical phrase is “the fullness of time.”  It applies to good things, like Jesus arriving in the fullness of time and also not so good things like the subjection of Israel under Pharaoh’s heavy hand, when at first Egypt had been a refuge. Not to mention Noah and his family having to endure while all the thoughts of men were only of evil until it was finally the fullness of time to enter the ark.

   If you haven’t realized yet that there is something strange going on with the weather, this will all come as quite a shock.  If you have been noticing the changes, perhaps it will bring some understanding…and likely anger! It is not your imagination that the sky seems to be overcast so much of the time, nor that areas of intensive flooding and extensive drought go on and on. It is not your imagination if you have thought that the sun seems hotter than usual. Measurements show that the UV levels are extremely high, far beyond normal. I recall being quite shocked to understand that some form of weather manipulation has been going on all of my adult life.  Initially, it was more of a regional thing, but now it has grown to planet-wide proportions. It is endangering the life-sustaining system that our God designed….and He is allowing it for His purposes, for a season!

   If you are old enough to remember Viet Nam, did you ever wonder why it always seemed to be raining along the Ho Chi Minh trail?  The answer is that it was among the first efforts at weather control/manipulation for military purposes. If you look around, you will find the memoirs of the pilot who carried it out. 

   Before you do that, if you’d like more factual information, you might want to search the internet at and check out the long list of US patents that have been granted for weather manipulation techniques. The link is right there at the top of the page. The list starts in 1891 and continues up through 2013, getting more sophisticated as they go. 

   One of the earliest pioneers to research and question what was being done is Dr. Nick Begich of Alaska. His article, “Angels Don’t Play This H.A.A.R.P.” is classic and an interesting place to begin your research. 

   In Wisconsin, at least, I think farmers must have dreamed for years of what it would mean to be able to control the weather to their advantage! There is far more that can be done to either cause or hold off rain now and some farmers and corporations, and even cities, have been taking advantage of the techniques.

   The trouble comes in with WHO is determining what is good and what is not.  Who holds the patents and makes the decisions as to what the weather should be? With all certainty, I can write that it is not those who honor our life giving God.  When you research the situation it becomes clear that there is no evidence that these techniques are being used to benefit the general population.  Chemicals such as strontium, barium and aluminum — which were long ago banned from car fuels are now being used in the air.

   Early speculation was that one aspect of weather control or military application was being seen in the trails that did not evaporate in the flight line of airplanes.  I thought this was silly, until the day in the late ‘90s that I saw one plane flying, laying down parallel tracks of vapor, and making right angle turns to do so. I called the local air traffic controller and asked if they knew what was going on. They didn’t.  Since then, I have personally observed many patterns: X’s, U’s, grids, sunburst — and have seen pictures of the same from around the world. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to be on any flight that was making them! How would you ever get to your destination?  

   Just as the patents have gotten more sophisticated over the years, so have the methods. The H.A.A.R.P project of antennas, various cooling towers and other equipment are now placed strategically all over the world. If you didn’t know this was going on, it likely will sound like science fiction, but it is real and true.

   Do we have any idea who holds these patents and who is making the decisions?  Well, a few of the patent holders are Raytheon and Mitro Corporations, as well as MIT. These corporations have contracts with various government and military sources.

   Who are these people and what do they want?  I would say that Biblically speaking, they are the “kings of the earth” who have always opposed our God and who do not value life. They are intent on depopulation and destruction of the earth, while having also established what they believe to be safe places for themselves.  (Our God know what they intend and He will not be fooled!)

   There are a number of different avenues to check out as you explore this situation.  One of the best early video examples I saw was done some years ago: “What in the World Are They Spraying?”  And it’s sequel, “Who in the World is Spraying?” Both are available online now, even for free! 

   As they say, it is far too much like Alice going down the proverbial rabbit hole when you really get down to the nitty gritty to understand what is happening. To put it mildly, it is not good. And there is no shortage of naysayers who will ridicule and try to disprove these matters as well.

   Would you think that a man who is an expert in solar energy and has been a licensed solar contractor might know what he is talking about?  Dane Wigington is such a man. He owns a solar powered home in California that has been featured in a world famous publication. He also owns a large nature preserve. About ten years ago, he became aware of a drastic reduction in the amount of sunlight and began studying.  He also speaks and grieves at the destruction he is observing in his forested wild land as the chemicals in the air and water are killing off the trees, recently especially noting the loss of his peach trees. He is the lead researcher over at and has gathered many newsworthy stories as well as speaking out personally.

   Recently, he sponsored the presentation of an ex CIA agent, Kevin Shipp, who is going public with many of his concerns. He has refused to look the other way when he saw government violations of the Constitution that are felonies. He has made clear how much intimidation has gone on to keep people from coming forth to the public with what they know.

   Among the concerns are his revelations of what is happening in the world of the “shadow government”  and the “deep state.” He states that the US was a Constitutional Government, the Supreme Law of the land. Violating it is a felony. However, he said there is a “Vast trillion dollar matrix now controlling our elected officials behind the Constitution in Washington D.C.”  He states this goes back as far as JFK. Other sources I have seen would say it goes back much further but only came into more ability to control and direct things with JFK’s assassination.
He differentiates between the two, saying the “deep state” is beneath the “shadow government.” 

   It rules through the power of secrecy, intimately connected and manipulating our elected government behind the scenes.  The “deep state”  is run by money, power and greed.  The “shadow government” is run by fear and intimidation.  He packs a ton of information into an hour-long  presentation, which suggests many further areas of investigation.  

   Mr. Schipp also speaks extensively about “climate control” and the “weaponization of the weather.” This is highly relevant to us today as I write, because we have just experienced Hurricane Harvey and Irma is bearing down on Florida…or will it be the east coast?  Or Texas again?   Both of these storms, as well as Katrina and others in the past, bear many marks of being manipulated and steered to the “desired” locations.  It certainly was not the choice of the people of Texas!  

   Consider the political ramifications: Texas has the largest economy and could become its own country. Generally speaking, it is more on board with President Trump’s efforts to bring restoration to America. Was Harvey directed there to derail them? Will Irma and the storm following, Jose, hit targeted areas of the US as well to further cripple an economy that is trying to recover? The kings of the earth would benefit.

   Yes, I know we don’t want to believe it!  How could God allow it?  We already know that He does, in fact, allow evil.  But we know, too, that there is a plan underneath it all that will ultimately finish off every aspect of evil when Jesus returns.  

   Why do we need to know how corrupt and wicked those who serve the devil have become?  So that we can fulfill the function of the Church on earth and do as Jesus told us to do: pray that HIS will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.  Not the will of the devil.  Not the will of those who have been corrupted and serve him. Not the will of the kings of the earth. We can pray that their plans will come to nothing; that super storms will be cast out to sea by His Hand!  Our God’s will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

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