The False god of Political Correctness is Silencing the Truth

   It’s hard to find a stronger and more courageous Christian than Judge Roy Moore.  As we mentioned in our last column, he refused to take down the Ten Commandments that hung on the wall of his court room and later after he was elected by the people of Alabama to the office of Chief Justice of their Supreme Court, he refused to remove the monument that he had put in the building.  

   It was a four-sided monument dedicated to the history of law in America, and one side had a copy of the Ten Commandments.  His opposition was absolutely vicious and even though many Christians and Christian organizations backed him, many did not.  And sadly, some even spoke vigorously against him.  An unconstitutional, unelected “Ethics Board” removed him from his duly elected position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court — not once but twice — and by order of a Federal Judge, the Monument is in storage.

   One of the worst  enemies of the Judge was the Southern Poverty Law Center.  They were, and still are, absolutely vicious enemies of the God of the Bible and anyone who stands for Biblical truth.  

   But the good news is that  people   have yet another chance to stand with this courageous Judge. He is running for the United States Senate to fill the vacancy created when Senator Jeff Sessions resigned to take the job of ...

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