‘Fresh Grounded Faith’ National Women’s Conference Comes to Madison

Complimentary Story
   I am a very blessed, very busy lady as a stay at home mom of seven children ranging from 5-20 years of age.  It takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone — almost an act of God.  I have been out of my comfort zone this past year, though, and it’s been an amazing journey with Jennifer Rothschild of Fresh Grounded Faith. 

   I discovered her when I read a forward she wrote in a book I read last summer. She lost her sight at age 15.  Amazingly, she can “see” in ways that I wish I could.  Her writing intrigued and challenged me. I read more from her and she encouraged me in my faith and helped me to fall deeper in love with my Savior.  I discovered that Jennifer, through Fresh Grounded Faith (FGF), has hosted over 80 Kingdom-minded conferences all over the country, but never this far north.  As I looked at the FGF website, I noticed there was a little button that said “if you’d like to have Jennifer and her friends come to your area, click here.”  I felt the nudge from the Lord.  I will not lie to you; I gave Him a ton of reasons why I shouldn’t, including my church is too small and I didn’t have time.  After listing all the reasons not to, I felt very strongly that I was to click that button, and I am so thankful I did!  It started me on this incredible journey, connecting me with loving and talented women in Madison and at FGF, and teaching me to rely on Him and count on Him in new and wonderful ways. We have a good, kind, and faithful Father.  

   A few weeks after the “click,” I got a call from the National Coordinator from Fresh Grounded Faith.  She said FGF wanted to come to Madison.  I remember asking what that meant, exactly.  She said I needed to find a large church willing to host the event.  I went to see my Pastor, Jeff King, at Springs of Hope Fellowship in Monona.  I told him I needed serious prayer and lots of wisdom to see if this was really God and what my involvement was to be.   After much prayer, a scouting team of five ladies from four area churches went to the sold out FGF Conference in Springfield, Illinois.  We were given total access and got to see the conference from start of finish.  I cannot tell you how amazing and powerful that conference was.  God was exalted! Women were encouraged and lives were changed.  We came away from there with one desire: to have a Fresh Grounded Faith-Madison.  I am so excited to tell you it is happening!

   Fresh Grounded Faith-Madison will be held October 27 and 28 at High Point Church in Madison.  FGF Conferences are for all women, including those who have never encountered Jesus and those who have been walking by faith for many years. Everyone will be welcomed, accepted, and loved. The ultimate goal of FGF is to have one event, with many churches, for every woman. Tickets are selling quickly and this will be a sold-out event, with 950 women attending. 

   Joining the body of Christ, we now have 15 churches from various denominations and cultural lines bringing this event to Madison.  Women will be able to sign up for Bible studies with these wonderful churches to connect deeper and further their growth. 

   I cannot begin to tell you all the amazing things God has done in my life in the last year.  I have never felt more confident that what I am investing in will make a huge impact in eternity for this community and my family.  In the beginning, I went to my husband and children to make sure they understood the commitment I was making, and that I was working for eternal rewards.  I knew I would need their total support to pull this off.  God wasn’t only calling me to this leadership position; He was calling our family.   I am blessed with a wonderful family.

   If you asked me before if I had 25+ hours a week to invest in this conference, the answer was “No way.”  But I have since learned that our good Lord delights in doing the impossible.  He lights our paths step by step in His kindness.   Early on He gave me the song “Lion of Judah” to remind me that He will accomplish what He desires; He will set the captives free, and the chains binding His children will be broken.  This conference will bring “fresh grounded faith” through His Living Water to His daughters, and will flow out to all His children.  I am continually amazed each day with the incredible women the Lord has brought into my life since I said “yes” to help bring this conference to Madison.  

    The good Lord gave me a picture for this conference: a three-corded strand.  One strand is His church working together. Another represents businesses donating over 75 door prizes to bless and encourage those attending. The third strand is 100 scholarships donated by individuals and businesses to give women who are in difficult situations a chance to come. 

   Our God is on the move and He has good things planned for His children.  We want you to join us! Tickets are available at www.freshgroundedfaith.com or through High Point Church at 608-836-3236.   If you feel led to strengthen the three-corded strand and be included in this amazing event, please contact me, Jeanne Wagner, at jw21@tds.net.   

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