Christian Alternatives to Obamacare and How They Work

   Many people throughout the United States are learning that the Affordable Care Act of 2010, otherwise known as Obamacare did nothing to make healthcare more affordable for the vast majority of citizens.  In fact, what the ACA has done is increase the cost of most insurance premiums while reducing the number of doctors available to the average person.  In addition, millions of Americans have received cancellation notices on their policies altogether.

   Dozens of lawsuits have been filed to stop the ACA, by everyone from states’ Attorneys General to doctors groups to private citizens, but after Chief Justice John Roberts knowingly and willfully changed the meaning of the word fine to “tax,” there is little hope that the Supreme Court can be trusted to overturn any part of the law.

   There are still two ways around the ACA:  The first is to choose non-compliance and pay the fee; which can be avoided by arranging your taxes in such a way as to pay in at least $1 every year.  The problem with this option is that it still leaves a person with no insurance to help pay for the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.  The second is to become a member of a medical sharing ministry, and that is what the rest of this article will contain information about.

   In doing research for this article I have come across several different organizations offering medical sha ...

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