On Accurately Framing The Issues

   I saw an opinio piece the other day that really got my back up.  It was titled, ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture Without Cause Should Be Illegal.’


   WORD TO PUNDIT: Civil asset forfeiture without cause IS illegal.

   The Peoples’ law, supreme above any enactments of Congress and any pretenses of authority for such enactments by congressionally-selected jurists, plainly makes it illegal for the state to deprive any person of property without due process of law or to take private property for public use without just compensation in its Fifth Article of Amendment. (The same is found, in one way or another, in every individual state Constitution, too.)

   Congress can make no law authorizing “civil forfeiture without cause.”  Every act of seizing property from someone without due process and/or without just compensation is the act of an outlaw. In fact, it is for the suppression of just such acts that the United States and the several state governments are instituted.

   Your title should be, ‘What Do We Do About A Government That Acts Illegally?’

   BUT WAIT — THAT'S NOT ENOUGH... Let’s not forget that civil asset forfeiture is just one offense of many.  Consider, for instance, that Congress can make no law authorizing searches ...

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