A Note Inside a Gideon Bible: “There is no truth only perception”

   One hundred people living in a defined area decide to form a closed government.  They are composed of various ages, sexes, nationalities, faiths, and skills.  It is perceived that a democracy would be the best choice.  Everyone will contribute to maintaining their government by paying support (taxes) equal to their financial capability and have an equal vote.  Of the 100 citizens belonging to this government, 10 pay 59% of the support, 50 pay 41% and 40 (mostly because of a lack of responsibility) pay nothing.  
   It is agreed that someone should be “boss,” and make decisions for the whole which would be decided by an election.  Two citizens who are equally qualified desire the office.  Candidate number one is for maintaining order, responsibility, and benefiting the whole of the democracy.  Candidate number two is also for the same values, but realizing he may lose the election because he is not as popular as candidate number one decides to entice the voters.  Even though it will not benefit the whole he proceeds to offer the 40 (in exchange for their vote) some of the benefits which the 60 already have.  They enthusiastically take up the invitation and vote for the candidate that will favor their greed.  Soon some of the majority, who previously paid tax, drift into the ranks of the minority because they are making less or no profit.  With each s ...

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