Making America Great Again

Complimentary Story
Wisconsin Christian News:

   Israel is America’s only real friend in the Middle East.  Obama treated its prime minister with utmost disrespect. President Trump has established a congenial relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu.  When multiple Islamic countries attacked Israel in June of 1967, Israel was victorious in six days. She got back the east side of Jerusalem and her Wall. Our embassy should be in Jerusalem because it is the capital.  It was given to Israel by King David three thousand years ago.

   Oscar Berghouti, a Palestinian in America, promotes anti-Semitism in our universities by encouraging Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel. The Muslim Student Association in colleges also promotes anti-Semitism.  In contrast, Warren Buffet recently invested millions in Israeli bonds with the comment that Israel will be around forever and it has brains, energy, and dynamism.

   Two gal appointees are marvelous. Education needs Betsy De Voss.; better yet if the DOE would shut down. WEAC and the NEA hate her; they are not educational organizations, only unions.  They are content to let poor kids, black and white, be trapped in the rotten inner city public schools. Nothing good has come from the DOE since Carter established it in the 70’s; his kick-back to the NEA for supporting him.  Nikki Haley is handling the UN Ambassadorship beautifully.

   Thank you, Mr. President, for responding positively to all those scientists who urged you to exit the Paris Accord. It is political rather scientific. It would redistribute millions of our dollars to other countries; everybody wants our money. 

   It is refreshing to see our president respect our military and our police officers in uniform — a real change.

   The Bernie Sanders follower’s attempt to assassinate the Republican ball players/legislators proves that more of us good people should be armed.

   Our president inherited a deep swamp. Those hangovers from the Obama and Clinton administrations need to be dismissed. The IRS is a veritable cesspool.  Conservative organizations waited long to be given 501(c)(3)status.  Some never received it. The Satan clubs in Tacoma, Washington received that status in 10 days. They applied on October 21, 2014 and received that status on October 31, 2014.

   Obama let Islamists in willy-nilly, a certain percentage of whom are jihadis.  The Qur’an does not allow assimilation according to my Qur’an.  Keep them out. The FBI is already dealing with terrorists in every state.  Build the southern wall ASAP.  I would like all illegals to be sent home; we could save billions.  I don’t want a penny of my tax money to go to the so-called “sanctuary cities.”

  Thank you, Mr. President, for making America Great Again. Well, it’s a good start.

-Dorothy Schwankl,
Eau Claire, Wis.

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