Is America Exempt From Judgment?

Wisconsin Christian News:

     We are seeing the good people of Texas suffering a storm like we have never seen before. We, as a nation, are doing what God would want us to do, being good neighbors and rescuing children and people from disaster. 

   But I have to wonder if this is just the beginning.  We hear all the wonderful stories of rescue, but no one crying out to God for repentance of our moral behavior, violence, hatred, ungodliness in every area of our culture. 

   Even we Christians are saying “we will rebuild!”  That is man’s pride that we can live the way we want. 

   I have to wonder, Israel suffered God’s judgement by losing everything because of their idolatry, wanting the things of this world more than God’s blessing, which comes from obeying God’s commands.  I think even Christians in this country are so comfortable and we think we are doing the Lord’s will by going to church, having our little Bible studies, loving our families by giving them worldly things instead of God’s commands and standing on the truth of God’s word and praying and fasting for God’s Spirit to revive us. 

   How will God ever get through to us without suffering?  Are we so far gone that it will take judgment and suffering to get ...

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