The False gods of Political Correctness Are Getting Nervous

   “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”  (Psalm 33:12).     For many years the United States of America was such a nation.  Are we perfect?  Of course not.  Human beings can never be perfect, but God clearly expects us to trust in Him and try hard.   A careful study of History shows that America did indeed look to God’s Word as the ultimate authority.  Historical documents that are preserved in various Museums and Libraries prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Founders referenced the Bible and prayed a LOT.

   In more recent history, such as the second World War, people from the President and Commanding Generals and most of the population prayed HARD and often. They prayed for freedom from tyranny and for the courage to stand against it. 

   In the Revolutionary war, prayers were answered as we miraculously won against the tyranny of Great Britain, the most powerful military force on earth at that time. 

   In the Second World War, we once again miraculously came from behind and prevailed over the most powerful military forces in the entire world at that time. Church bells rang out throughout the land and a multitude of prayer services were held to thank Almighty God for the Victory and for answered prayers.

   And then we became complacent and the false god of ...

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