An Update on the WCN Ministry Center

   I am a volunteer at the WCN Ministry Center.  I am in charge of the Hospitality part of the Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-3.  I also assist with other duties in any way that I can, because I firmly believe that what we are doing is in direct response to the command (not suggestion) of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we are to be salt and light of the world.

   We have only been open for two months and have already seen some very encouraging results.  Usama Dakdok spoke to a full house as he told the absolute TRUTH about Islam and it was standing room only for the Leslie Lemke concert.  The Miracle of Love Ministry featuring Leslie at the piano is an incredible testimony to the awesome power of love and prayer. The Miracle of Leslie has touched so many lives over the years and did so again with his concert at the Center.  

   The seminar on pornography and it’s connection to human trafficking was also very well attended and well received. Other smaller group meetings have also been very well received and are an encouragement to those who attend.

   But God has a way of keeping us humble. My job is to try to make everyone feel welcome and I was talking with two men that had stopped in when I looked up and saw a woman standing at the door and looking in.  She made no attempt to open the door, so I did — and welcomed ...

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