How Can We Ever Say Thank You Enough for Your Support?

Complimentary Story
   People try to find so many ways to say “Thank You” for help and support, but none ever compares to a simple, heartfelt “Thank You.” People don’t expect recognition for everything they do for others, but we at Bella can never simply take what others do for us for granted.

   We have to say “Thank You” because without your support and care, we could not continue our ministry of love and Life. We could not meet the needs of our clients. The in-kind gifts donated to us and cash donations, as well as the volunteer hours given to us, make our load of helping our clients so much easier. Our doors stay open, offering life-saving ultrasound to our clients, parenting education programs to new expecting parents and those who have just become new parents with the birth of their baby. Our supply closet helps new and expecting parents prepare to care for the baby. A simple thank you doesn’t seem like it is enough but it comes from deep within the hearts of the Bella board, staff and most importantly our clients. 

   Our clients often share their testimony at our banquets, which those of you who have attended have heard firsthand. They share how without the support of Bella, an abortion would have occurred and a Life would be lost. They go on to share how Bella changed their hearts and minds about abortion, especially through ultrasound.

   Our October Walk for Life was successful once again through your participation and support. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! 

   We will be able to successfully continue our ministry of support and love, and help women bond with their unborn children through the ultrasound offered at the clinic. 97 % of our clients choose life for their unborn children after receiving an ultrasound. You are a part of this wonderful life-saving effort with funds raised by our annual Walk for Life. 2017 was our 14th annual walk.

   Looking ahead to 2018, we are very excited to have a wonderful speaker coming to our banquet — Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, located in Staten Island, New York. Fr. Pavone founded the organization in 1990. He is a powerful speaker on behalf of life. He addresses audiences of all denominations with his passionate plea to protect life and why the right to life for the unborn is so basic and so important! To learn more about Priests for Life, go to Mark those calendars for June 7, 2018. See you there!

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