Disobeying the Federal Government? Moore Truth is Needed!

   Prominent Southern Baptist Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, says there can be a time when civil disobedience is legitimate for believers, for example in the case of Rosa Parks... but not by civil leaders. Moore claims that public officials must uphold unjust rulings or simply resign their position. He states this argument specifically to denounce the actions of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has taken a stand in defense of the citizens of Alabama against a federal judge’s order to allow homosexual marriage in their state.

   Not only are Russell Moore’s statements unbiblical, but they defy Constitutional law as well as common sense. Elected officials not only have a duty to resist unjust rulings from higher ranking civil authorities, but they are in the best position of anyone to do so. They already wield authority and have committed to upholding the law, not the unlawful decrees of a higher authority.  Many of our founding fathers, while actively resisting England, held public office within their respective colonies. Would Moore suggest that after achieving victory, they would have contrived a document denouncing the very practice they had all partaken?

   No ruler or elected official rules autonomously. Every elected official in America is bound by the Constitution of the United States; not the interpretation of the Constitution by every Supreme or F ...

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