Forewarning Wisconsin!

   Consider this commentary a statewide alert. The transgender agenda is likely coming to your community, especially if you live in a Wisconsin city, as opposed to a village or town.

   In states like Wisconsin where those pushing this dangerous and unconstitutional agenda know they can’t advance their cause through state law because of the makeup of the state legislature, they are turning to local municipalities. And sadly, there they are finding significant success.

   The LGBTQ crowd — the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning — has gotten very good at getting their people elected to local office.

   Once they get them there, then they have them introduce their policy that they claim is about “anti-discrimination.”  By using terms such as “fair,” “tolerance,” “bigotry,” and “discrimination,”  they convince other council members to join them. Often there is a sympathetic or weak mayor involved as well.

   We watched the above happen in Sun Prairie earlier this year, and now it’s happening in De Pere, a city just outside Green Bay.  The language of the De Pere proposed so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance is exactly the same as what was proposed in Sun Prairie.

   City government generally works on a ...

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