An Open Letter to Wisconsin Citizens

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Federal law protects veterans’ memorials and monuments on federal property.  We demand that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions protect and preserve all memorials, monuments, and the gravesites of all veterans who served their country and their fellow citizens in the United States military.

   We demand the Wisconsin State Legislature immediately enact similar legislation, including protections for Confederate soldiers who fought for their states; and we demand that Governor Scott Walker and Attorney General Schimmel act on this legislation in the same manner in Wisconsin.

   We appeal to all citizens of the state of Wisconsin to demand their city and local officials and elected representatives do the same.

   The mobs literally and brazenly erasing our nation’s history right in front of our eyes include some who spat on Vietnam veterans and called them “baby killers” if they survived to return home. The mobs include others who protest any United States military intervention of any sort anywhere.

   If allowed to continue their Stalinist cleansing crusade, they will eventually set about defiling cemeteries across the state of Wisconsin.
These people are not fighting slavery. These people are not fighting racism; they are engendering it. These people are only further dividing our nation, black and white, north and south, young and old.

   As they tear down our nation’s memorials and monuments, they use the conflict they are enabling to tear down the office of the president of the United States as well; falsely declaring President Donald Trump is a racist worthy of impeachment.

   In America we don’t impeach presidents or dig up the bodies of people who served in the military because we disagree with some of their beliefs; even after we have taken the time to fully examine both their beliefs and our own.

   As the mobs take down our nation’s memorials and monuments, they use the conflict they are enabling to tear down the First Amendment right of free speech for other Americans who hold values they disagree with. While most of the people on both sides who came into conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia in August were reprehensible, the groups who arrived first on the scene to lawfully protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee should have been allowed to do so if they assembled peaceably.

   We remind everyone that General Ulysses S. Grant and General Robert E. Lee, who fought for country and state in our Civil War, owned slaves. Both were fallible human beings, larger than life in stature, who lead over 620,000 Americans to their deaths. If we choose to forget these men, we may as well erase all of our nation’s history and continue to learn nothing from it.

 -Andrew Zuelke
Chairman, Constitution Party of Wisconsin

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