Racist Propaganda

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

     A recent Lacrosse Tribune article, “UW-L, WSU Cited for Low Diversity,” was another example of the liberal media and education establishment and it’s ongoing campaign to make white people feel guilty for imaginary unjust treatment on their part. The injustice in this case, is our 85 percent representation at the University of Minnesota, Winona, and 89 percent at the University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse.  While this is less than an admitted 90 percent representation in these areas, the gist of the article is that someone wants “increased diversity,” their way of saying, “fewer white students.”

   The article described a video produced by UW-L students of color, one titled, “Inclusive Negligence.”  It quotes students of color as speaking of how, “they don’t feel safe in a classroom filled mostly with whites.” Such statements disagree with crime and other statistics, those which prove that people of color are the safest when away from their own kind, and among white people. Where then, do these students get the fallacious idea that too many white people are a problem? 

   Watch the YouTube documentary, “Indoctrination,” by filmmaker Colin Gunn, and you’ll be convinced it’s from the “racist” themed propaganda narratives they are force-fed by the Marxist leaning liberals who dominate their schools’ faculty, staff, and administration. These are the “educators” who are teaching white students to despise their ethnicity, and the Christian religion which dominates among us. Listening to them, and mainstream news outlets (Fox News is an exception), one gets the impression that whites and Christianity are the source of every problem that besets America. Are there black people who are not working? White racism is the cause.  Are there Muslims being persecuted by other Muslims in the Mid East?  Whites are the cause.  White Christians are to blame, because we don’t want enough Muslims here.  I do not know if there are statues honoring George Washington and Thomas Jefferson at UW, Lacrosse, or UM, Winona, but if so, it’s likely they are in danger of being desecrated, or removed.

   “Low diversity,” therefore, is not a problem for a yet-white, and yet-Christian majority. It is, however, for the diversity/multicultural advocates who have taken over our universities. They see it as interfering with their divide-and-conquer strategy.
-Jaye Torgerson, Eau Claire, Wis.

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