'My People Perish For Lack of Knowledge...

   Webster’s dictionary defines “perish” as “becoming destroyed or ruined: To cause death.”  This, of course, applies to individuals as well as an entire nation.  The Bible is full of examples and so is secular history.  The Biblical definition also applies to our eternal destiny. “Fear not those who kill the body but those who destroy your immortal soul.” (Matthew 10:28).

   Probably the most well publicized example of people perishing for lack of knowledge is  the holocaust of the second World War.  Millions perished before the rest of the world figured out what was going on.  If the people of the world knew what was going on and acted on that knowledge sooner, many lives might have been saved.  You could say that those people perished for lack of knowledge, and many more perished in the fight to put an end to the carnage.

   America’s own holocaust is the ongoing murder of unborn babies.  The estimates of those killed is in the millions and the killing continues as we speak. When abortion was made “legal” by the infamous Roe vs. Wade Court decision, there was some lack of knowledge as to when life really begins, but that excuse no longer works because medical science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a “fetus” is a unique individual.  It is NOT a part of a woman’s body, but i ...

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