'My People Perish For Lack of Knowledge...

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   Webster’s dictionary defines “perish” as “becoming destroyed or ruined: To cause death.”  This, of course, applies to individuals as well as an entire nation.  The Bible is full of examples and so is secular history.  The Biblical definition also applies to our eternal destiny. “Fear not those who kill the body but those who destroy your immortal soul.” (Matthew 10:28).

   Probably the most well publicized example of people perishing for lack of knowledge is  the holocaust of the second World War.  Millions perished before the rest of the world figured out what was going on.  If the people of the world knew what was going on and acted on that knowledge sooner, many lives might have been saved.  You could say that those people perished for lack of knowledge, and many more perished in the fight to put an end to the carnage.

   America’s own holocaust is the ongoing murder of unborn babies.  The estimates of those killed is in the millions and the killing continues as we speak. When abortion was made “legal” by the infamous Roe vs. Wade Court decision, there was some lack of knowledge as to when life really begins, but that excuse no longer works because medical science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a “fetus” is a unique individual.  It is NOT a part of a woman’s body, but is in fact a guest within her body.  

   At the very early stages of development, the baby has it’s own beating heart, fingerprints, footprints and it’s own unique DNA.   This is an unimpeachable scientific fact, so the “lack of knowledge” excuse is obsolete. Then why does the slaughter continue? Because knowledge without action does not accomplish much.

   One example of knowledge without action is the Roe v Wade Court decision itself.  Anyone who ever read the U.S Constitution knows that it says Congress shall make the laws, NOT the courts.  Congress has never — ever — passed a law legalizing abortion  or homosexual marriage and a host of other illegitimate court decisions, but our elected officials, at every level, lack the courage to do their Constitutional duty and put a stop to the illegitimate court decisions. They have the knowledge but fail to act on it and babies die.

   The same can be said for the organized, Establishment Church.  The knowledge is there for anyone to see, and as self proclaimed  followers of the God of the Bible, there is no excuse for inaction.  The Bible is full of warnings and historical accounts of the consequences for those who shed innocent blood and for those who fail to oppose evil. Both Old and New Testament Scriptures have many warnings about harming little children. Leviticus 18:21 is a well known warning and Jesus Himself expressed His love for little children when He took them in His arms and blessed them. He followed that up by saying, “If anyone should harm one of these little ones, it were better for him if a millstone were tied around his neck and drowned in the depths of the sea.”  (Matthew 18:21  Mark 9:42).

   It’s bad enough that few Christians will even discuss the issue from the pulpit or anywhere else, but when those who care make an attempt to tell the truth about abortion, they often face fierce opposition from others who call themselves “Christians.” 

   A prime example happens every time when some pro life group shows actual pictures of aborted babies.  They are simply telling the truth, but always draw opposition from people who call themselves Christians but cannot face the truth.  And the truth is: babies are perishing for lack of knowledge and ACTION.  If everyone understood how gruesome the abortion procedure really is, they might be motivated to actively stand for the life of these little ones.  Pictures of the Holocaust of World War II are used to prevent it from ever happening again, so why does this principle not apply to the mass murder of helpless babies today?

   Coach Dave Daubenmire makes a very good point when he says that when a woman goes in for an abortion, one person dies and another is wounded. Sometimes they both die, because abortion is not as safe as the pro death people say it is.  But the wounded woman is wounded for life.  Many times she ends up sterile and cannot conceive and there are other physical complications such as an increased danger of breast cancer. Equally devastating, there is the wounded spirit. Many are haunted by the baby they killed and many find it difficult to carry on a successful marriage.

   God bless the people who minister to them in pregnancy centers and other ways.  They are certainly doing the Lord’s work, but think about what could happen if EVERY Christian from EVERY “church” took the Bible seriously and stood up against the ongoing slaughter of innocents!  

   God blessed America with freedom so that we are free to be the salt and light of the world.  He also blessed us with scientists and doctors who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is true.  A “fetus” is a human being.  We have knowledge, now we need to act on it.

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