Thanksgiving for the Sufficiency of Christ

   The last few articles on Colossians (1:15-22) highlighted Christ’s relationship to God, Creation, and the Church.  While Moses detailed Creation in the first book of the Pentateuch and the Gospels record the revealing of Christ as God in the flesh, it was not until the Apostle Paul that we see Christ revealed as Head of the Body. 

   Verse 23 starts with the word “if.”  This little word, in the Greek, is in the indicative mood (i.e., “if this is true of you”) as opposed to the subjunctive mood (i.e., “if you do this, then it will be true”).  Only God can determine the heart of an individual.  The Apostle Paul never assumed the salvation of anyone, especially when they professed to be trusting in Christ but seemed to be adding their works to the mix.  Thus, if one was a true believer in Christ’s work alone for salvation, then his following statements would be true of them.  

   Verse 23 uses the words “continue” (remain upon or rest upon), “grounded” (built on a foundation and therefore firmly established), and “not moved away” (not constantly shifting) from the “hope” (assurance, guarantee).  The Colossians’ continuance, foundation, and steadfastness was to be settled on “the faith” contained in THE Gospel.  The Lord, through Paul, was calling them to remain ...

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