The 'Phileo' Crisis

   We begin by letting God speak. Here He uses the apostle Paul as the inspired writer: “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above all things.” (Romans 12:10)

   God is referring to one of His forms of love. It is called “phileo” (“brotherly”) love.  It is a love that “honors” each other, as it also honors God.
   Now we will let the world (through Satan) speak. It comes in a distortion of such love.  It is when the physical enters in.  It is when “friends” become sexually involved. 

   Said differently, it is when two, uncommitted people form a physical relationship for mutual pleasure. It is what is portrayed often through the visual and written media. It can be summarized succinctly as: our eyes met…we desired each other (at least one partner did)…we had sex. No courtship…no commitment…no guilt.  We even naively justify it as “making love.”

   And Satan dances with delight. He knows what he has done. He has distorted God’s plan for love…and left ample room for loveless, brief encounters. Rarely do such relationships form into lasting love relationships. Rarely do such partners seek God and the redemption He offers. 

   In most cases, one or both partners get hurt.  Th ...

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