Truth and Grace

   There are a lot of things being said about truth these days and it’s easy to see why. Graphic sin is sensationalized, advertised and so publicized that so called “normal” sins seem so innocent and easily forgivable in many a Christian mind. It is easy to slide into a mindset that thinks that “I am better than some one else,” especially if we determine that they are “living in sin.” What goes through your mind about people who crowd the bar to get drunk on Friday night?  What goes through your mind over the trashy-dressed female selling herself on the street corner?  What position do you take when you know that an unmarried man and woman have had a one-night stand?

   Let’s go tougher on the questions. How do you react and then act toward homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites, transsexuals and the new trend toward “transgender?”  How about the guy sitting on death row for murder? The pimp, the pornographer? The common thread in these peoples’ lives is sin. They’re some of the big “living in sins.”

   Do you have the same thoughts in your mind when someone says something about a person mentioned above or anyone else that is intended to be injurious to their reputation? How about if a person that believes they live such a clean, good Christian life that they will not be judged nearly as severe as the first paragraph peop ...

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