Abortion Realities

   This month we recognize and repudiate the 45th year of the legalized killing of unborn children in America, foisted on us by a rogue US Supreme Court.  Seven justices essentially concocted a “constitutional right” for this heinous brutality out of nothing and then arrogantly wrote of “penumbras” and “emanations,” as if by such words they could cover the debauchery they legalized. The truth is this decision has had a profound impact on our country and created some stark realities.

   Since the right of states to outlaw abortion was ripped away, collectively over 59 million babies have died at the hands of abortionists. Let’s put that in perspective. That number is more than 20 million more than the number of people living in California, our most populous state.  That’s 12 million more than our next two most populous states combined, Texas and Florida, and it’s over two million more than the next four states combined: New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  All these people — all these states — gone.

   These are staggering numbers and staggering realities. Nearly 60 million lives  ended before they drew their first breath.  Frankly, the horrific nature of this reality should be breath-taking for us.

   Let’s bring this down to our state level. Since Roe v. Wade, Wisconsin has had more than 5 ...

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