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   As the hawks circle the carnage in the last scene of the movie, “Bridge on the River Kwai,” Major Clipton utters these last profound words:  “Madness! Madness . . . madness!”

   On the morning of January 23, 1973 I stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and read the newspaper headlines. “Former President Lyndon Johnson, 64, was pronounced dead at 4:33 P.M. of an apparent heart attack,” the headlines read. “A chartered Boeing 707 exploded in flames upon landing at Kano Airport, Nigeria, killing 176. The US Supreme Court legalizes some abortions.” 

   I scrambled past these articles to the sports page. “George Foreman TKOs Joe Frazier in 2 for heavyweight boxing title.” This catches my interest . . .  

   Like me, most people that were going about their daily activities on the 22nd day of January 1973 were unaware of what was about to transpire. A group of men would make a decision. The Supreme Court ruling that said unborn children are not persons and are not deserving of the protection of our Constitution would influence our culture and question our right to be referred to as a civilized society — our lives would never again be the same . . . 

   Birthed in lies and deception, clinics started popping up around our country, where Satan and his followers, under the guise of “women’s rights,” performed their dastardly deeds of exterminating the unborn.  Choice became Caesar and our nation started its moral decline into Hell. In ignorance, both intentional and unintentional, women aborted their helpless children for economic and emotional ease. 

Thus began the parade of the dead.  Birthed in ignorance, lies and deception, and motivated by a new freedom of sexual independence, women boldly paraded to abortion mills to establish their constitutional right to kill for convenience. 

   It is only proper during this time of year to pause and remember the 60 million babies who have died in the greatest carnage of human life in American history – much larger than all wars combined, and nine times larger than the Nazi Holocaust — absolute madness! Today, those aborted babies would be impacting our communities and our country in many significant ways.  Possibly to find a cure for cancer, the most outstanding sports athlete of all time, or the greatest inventor of the 21st century.  

   Almost all abortions in the U.S. are done for some form of economic ease or convenience. One in ten known pregnancies in Wisconsin ended in abortion in 2014. This figure should actually be much higher because of over-the-counter drugs and online pills now available to end a pregnancy.   

   It is also a myth that third trimester abortions are rare. In 2012, the CDC reported that roughly 13,000 children were killed in the U.S. in very late-term procedures. In Doe Vs Bolton, the Court announced that health, for the purposes of late-term abortions after the point of viability, would be synonymous with the mother’s “physical, emotional, psychological, or familial wellbeing.” In other words, every reason a pregnant woman could give for seeking an abortion in the first place. No sacrifice is too great for the right to live how we want —  even if it means others cannot live at all. 

   The depravity of the abortion industry knows few boundaries. These people are bottom feeders who work in the dark underbelly of our society. There’s at least a horror story a day that comes from it. They’re all heinous, and some of them defy description, like the Philadelphia abortionist who was viewed strangling a child that had escaped an abortion. He was quoted saying, “This baby won’t stop breathing!” 

   Disposing of the corpses of the inconvenient poses a perennial challenge to abortion clinics. The last thing one wants to leave evidence of is mangled bodies that look all too human. A solution to their disposal dilemma runs the whole gamut, from the truly repulsive to the unbelievably repulsive. Such is the story of the 1200 aborted fetuses that were found during a seismic refit underneath a California hospital. Turned out the company they were hiring to incinerate them was just stuffing them in bags under the foundation. Names of the mothers were dutifully recorded on each bag but the babies are known only by God who created them. 

   When the hospital admin found out, they had the pathology staff yanking molded abortions out for days. They see the rotting bodies brought about by the narcissism of our culture’s rotting soul. It is the eyes, it seems, that disturbs those dealing with the corpses of butchered pre-born children the most. “I almost went bonkers once over one of the bags I pulled out,” said one of the pathologists. “An eye ball came rolling out and stared right at me.” Sweat breaks upon the face of one worker, another bites a quivering lip, turns his head and continues to go about his duties.  As the ambulance arrives, you and your neighbors rush to the scene. Attendants scoop up the pounds of human flesh, and drive away. There is a stench of death in the air.  You and others around you stare at each other, but do not speak.  It’s a time of unresisted horror! 

   Later in the day, a hospital director very sensibly assures everyone attending a hearing that everything is in order.  The world is not mad, he assures us, this is still a civilized society. But — just this once — you know it isn’t. The memory of the attendants scooping out the dead fetuses will be with you forever.  You can’t escape it — not ever! 

   Sarah sees “the red and white curled-up fetus, the size of a cocktail shrimp, swirling around the shower drain” while bathing at home. “It doesn’t go down,” she says. Its hands were curled into tiny fists. She is “struck by the hands.”  Sarah scoops it up. Cradled in her palm, is the lifeless body of her baby, the result of the abortion drug RU486.  She wraps the child carefully in toilet paper and with one hand over her moth to muffle her scream, she flushes it away to join other body waste in the sewer system — Madness!

   Although abortion is rarely discussed today from the pulpit of our churches, this was not always the case.  It may interest you that in the early church, abortion was considered such a grievous offense against God and humanity that anyone participating in an abortion was immediately excommunicated — with NO possibility of reinstatement!  

   Indeed!  This is precisely the way we should respond to those who would waffle on the sin of abortion!  There can be no compromise or tolerance on an issue with such profound implications!  It is an affront to God, Himself. 

   Proverbs 24:11 - 12 states, “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die.  Don't try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it.  For God, who knows all hearts, knows yours, and He knows you know!  And He will reward everyone according to his deeds.” 

   Two things I ask of you at the beginning of his new year.  Call a friend or relative that you did not speak with last Christmas. Don’t take life for granted — you may never get another chance.  If you have not already done so, please call on Christ today to be your Savior.  Your life will never again be the same. I am simply a sinner saved by His grace — a soldier in the Army of God!  

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