When You Gonna Wake Up?

   I spent nearly 35 years as a high school football coach and one thing I learned was that a coach is judged by the performance of the team.   When a team is under performing, it is the coach that gets the boot.  No amount of blame shifting or excuse making will change things.  Every team is a reflection of its coach.

   If churches were football teams there would be a lot of heads on the chopping block. The pastors have done a great job of changing the scoreboard.  Rather than measuring their success by the impact they are having OUTSIDE the church, they have washed their hands of the “world” and instead invested their time in petting the sheep inside the pen.

   Everything looks great on the inside while the world around them rots.  They have used all of their “salt” inside the building and permitted the ravening wolves to destroy the families on the outside.

   Most of them have no idea what is going on in the real world and, even worse, they have no idea that they don’t know.  The salt is stuck in the salt shaker.

   I don’t know if you know it or not, but a year after the election of Donald Trump, Planned Parenthood is still being funded by the Republican Congress.  There is only one reason that it continues and it is because there has been no demand from the PULPIT to stop it.


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